Ashley Jensen

Ashley Jensen fell in love with dance costumes at the age of three and has enjoyed playing dress-up ever since. Much of her design aesthetic is inspired by her interest in the way people move, whether it’s across a stage or across the world. She completed a technical design internship in outerwear at Storm Creek over the summer, and was a research assistant to Dr. Elizabeth Bye, working with East African girls to design culturally appropriate activewear.

Ashley’s line is a selection of menswear staples for the Fall of 2015. She aims to accentuate athletic body types and address the issues that athletes commonly encounter. Taking cues from their muscular build, she has set out to create garments that allow the active man to look his best without compromising comfort. Crisp lines of tailoring combine with coarse textures and tough fabrics to bring a touch of rugged into the city streets. The high quality textiles and hand crafted details create a luxury experience for the wearer.