Anna Peshock

As a designer Anna’s creative inspiration is rooted in clothing as a synesthetic experience where emotions are made visual and colors can be felt. Her background as a synchronized swimmer has shaped her affinity for storytelling through apparel. Every garment has the potential to be an expression of self, and should be as unique as the individual that wears it. Anna hopes to define her career by merging functionality and aesthetic beauty to create clothing inspired by people and the vibrancy of daily life.

Anna’s collection will take you on a journey... 10,000 nautical miles, 115 days, 16 countries, and 4 continents, condensed into 5 looks. Indulge your senses in the whimsy of far off places and spine tingling anticipation of adventure. Come along on a transformative journey through Europe, Africa, the Atlantic Ocean, South America, and Cuba. Lose yourself and the traditional ideals of swimwear on a global cultural exploration through color, texture, and design.