Thanh Nguyen

Thanh was born in Vietnam and has lived in the U.S. since 2001. Her neighbors in Vietnam, who sewed for a living, influenced her interest in clothing. They showed her the magic of how flat fabrics can be worn on 3-D human bodies. This passion for beautiful clothing and attraction to problem solving led her to the Apparel Design program at the University of Minnesota. She had the opportunity to work as a design assistant for Jay Nelson, and Anita Neets Jesen at the Design Collective in Minneapolis. Thanh was part of a team who created pressure and clearance suits for astronauts at NASA. This gave her the opportunity to develop her skills in creating meaningful products.

Thanh wants to make every woman feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident when wearing her garments. She loves classic silhouettes and their timeless qualities, and works with simple lines to create polished designs. The image of business women in the 21st century is one of strength and power. This collection includes both soft and hard lines to support a woman’s feminine side, along with her strong image.