Stayce Petraborg

Emerging UMN senior apparel design student, Stayce Petraborg strives to create depth and breadth in garments through the inspiration of otherworldly notions. She has a knack and a desire to make impossibilities possible. She appeared at HGA: Convergence in Long Beach, CA with her professor, Dr. Lucy Dunne, PhD June of 2012, and Kansas City Fashion Week's 2013 Fall/Winter Runway Showcase in March 2013. Often seen creating extracurricular costumes and mock-ups, Stayce is a 'cosplayer', costume role-roleplayer, and is extremely active in her community of Japanese animation and science fiction fans. Along with her class, Stayce has also presented at the Johnson Space Center to NASA on functional design prototypes.

This particular collection is a culmination of everything Stayce has learned as a designer, a student, and an individual. It is a journey that the audience can watch and experience as it changes before their own eyes. Inspired by Aristotle's final causation theory, this collection will transform, shed, and build in an array of different silhouettes. The looks will begin in casual attire and morph 'up' through formal wears and finally end at avant garde where the final look will, in theory, be the 'final form' of the collection.