Shannon Gauer

Shannon is a free-spirit who uses oddball humor and eccentric pop culture references to dictate her designs. Influenced by her passion for indie film, Shannon plans to use the technical knowledge she’s gained in apparel design to further her career as a free-lance costumer and production assistant. In the past two years, Shannon traveled across the country from Minnesota to Montana and all the way to Hawaii, working on various films and commercials. Some of her most recent projects include the Golden Globe nominated film, Nebraska, and a national advertisement campaign for Chevy Silverado.

Shannon has a very strange and whimsical approach to costume design. Drawing inspiration from dark-humored fantasy films, her senior line combines elements of vintage circus culture with thoughts of a post-apocalyptic future. The resulting collection has an off-beat visual aesthetic that is as playful as it is gloomy. Her designs have a rugged appearance, achieved by hand-dying all of fabrics used in her line.