Reagan Rockers

Reagan Rockers will graduate with a B.S. in apparel design and a minor in retail merchandising from the University of Minnesota in spring 2014. Her education has been shaped by highly influential experiences which include interning, researching and studying in London, where she engaged in the local fashion and design community. Rockers’ most memorable moment was working backstage for OSMAN’s catwalk at London Fashion Week fall 2012. She plans to return to London this fall to pursue an M.A. in textile design.

In her work Rockers often plays with the idea of hard and soft. Her designs are avant garde yet retain a beautiful simplicity. They are not eccentric for the sake of provocation. For Align, Rockers explored the concept of confinement; garments that constrict natural movement and tread a fine line between wearability and art form. Rockers designed all the prints featured in her line to work with each garment design.

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