Kayna Hobbs

Kayna’s design aesthetic is best described as a juxtaposition of harshness and fluidity, with articulation of the female figure and precision in craft as standards. Her aesthetic has been sculpted by her past experiences at Tara LaTour and J. Mendel, as well as her attraction to macabre surrealism.

Kayna’s collection is best described as sharp, serpentine, and serene. Her inspiration was drawn from the overwhelming architecture of cathedrals, precision of classic tailoring, and interest of asymmetry. A deviant from her classic all-black portfolio, Kayna’s collection is executed in pallid hues of white and icey blue to challenge and highlight her skills of design and construction. Kayna’s recent hire at J. Mendel as the Assistant Ready to Wear Patternmaker, as of January 2014, has been a result of her desire for challenge and instinct in garment draping and development.