Carissa Prieve

Carissa Prieve designs lasting garments for the professional woman. With the growing trend of fast-fashion and our roots tied to remaining "busy", her designs feature unique details with clean, tailored lines that offer distinctive combinations that can be paired for a variety of occasions. Select pieces designed by Carissa have been shown in exhibitions throughout Minnesota and California and have been published in Metro Magazine, Twin Magazine, and SOL Inspirations website/blog.

America is built on the foundation of "busy" which means we are continuously running from one job to the next. These designs are made for the professional woman who has fully embraced the meaning of "busy". As a young adult, she is committed to multiple obligations including a job, internship, and school. Her garments have one-of-a-kind details but are simple and tailored enough to be worn for multiple occasions. Inspiration was taken from an urban lifestyle combined with a nostalgic Midwestern vibe.

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