Susan Vue


The passion behind her whimsical designs is fueled by her unwillingness to be defined by just one aesthetic. Susan is a designer who integrates a spectrum of styles and themes into her creations.


Though she enjoys designing a variety of apparel for both men and women, she is also drawn to product design, especially fashion accessories and interior items. Other creative channels that she explores are makeup artistry and wardrobe styling, both of which she does for local photo shoots and various productions during her free time. This year, Susan is the first place recipient of the 2012 IFAI’s Student Design Competition award, for an extravehicular boot designed for NASA with team members Jen Voth and Issa Mello.


For her senior clothing line, she created a ready-to-wear collection for busy women who seek comfort and style. Her inspiration came from the Southern California deserts; a region she grew up in.