Sherry Sanden Will


Sherry, who holds a BA in chemistry and biology from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, is a two time winner of the Fibiger Prize for Research (2012). Her design research includes multiple projects in the Human Dimensioning Lab, analysis in the Goldstein Museum of Design and the development of a glove for stroke patients. Sherry’s Wooden Dress design was exhibited at the International Textile and Apparel Association’s 2012 convention in Honolulu and is currently on exhibit at the Goldstein. She also interned at Primeau designs by Richard Beckel. Her varied experiences and background give her a unique perspective in design.


Using color, pattern and curvilinear lines, Sherry highlights the beauty of the feminine shape. Her color pallet is inspired by the vivid hues of Austrian artist Gustav Klimt. Sherry’s business appropriate fashions exude authority using exquisite wool fabrics and luscious saturated silks. Her designs are for the bold, confident, professional woman who appreciates investing in quality pieces and desires to add color to her wardrobe.