Rika Van Heerde


Rika has had the honor of completing three design internships with Minneapolis based companies, Joynoelle, Target, and Tara LaTour. Each experience has built upon her existing knowledge, expanded her skill set, and provided a deeper understanding for apparel design and it’s industry. In addition to interning with local companies, she has had the opportunity to create two gowns from recycled paper and card stock for a wedding themed window display with Paperista, a local stationary design company.


This collection was inspired by images that present themselves at first as romantic, feminine and poetic. However, with a lingering look, the haunting details of the images reveal a darker side to the viewer, these images are simultaneously strikingly beautiful and deeply disquieting. Her line is represented in an ethereal color palette of blush, gold, and champagne silk fabrics whilst supplemented and offset by metallic bronze, light pink, and grey leather treatments.


Email: rikavanheerde@gmail.com
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