Misty Karges


Misty’s affinity for all things creative eventually led her to pursue an education in Apparel Design. Her interest in individuality, adventure, and people inspire the creation of comfortable and elegant designs. She seeks to combine beauty and purpose into innovative, wearable clothing. As a student she has interned with companies such as Jagress Intimates, and Uber International. She received the 2011 Lila Bath internship award in San Antonio, Texas. Her work has been featured in shows such as Twelve, GoRed 2012, Fashion Fusion, and Distortion.


Inspired by the beauty, strength, and adventure of an active woman, Misty’s line incorporates elements of traditional athletic wear, lifestyle apparel, and undergarments as outerwear. Influenced by the vast Midwestern prairie, the line is executed in curvilinear lines and contrasts flowing, and fitted, in a palette of muted peach, blue, and tan. These elements combined, create a hybrid of casual elegance, comfort, and versatility: a unique approach to the clothing needs of an active woman, whether she is a yogi, traveler, dancer, or runner.


Email: karg0033@umn.edu