Lucie Jane Mulligan


Lucie Jane Mulligan in inspired by the curves and movement of a real woman. Her designs have been shown on runways of various fashion shows, including “Twelve” “Vitamin Water UnCapped 2011” and “The Red Dress Gala”. Having worked closely with various local designers including Laura Fulk, Christopher Straub and Ariel Simone, Lucie Jane developed her skills as a designer, and found her passion to design for real women, not just runway models. She has been involved with the local fashion industry throughout her college career, and recently joined the board at MNFashion as model coordinator and casting director. Lucie Jane currently works with designer Jennifer Cermak at JennaSea, designing swimwear and beachwear for women of all sizes: 0-20 and A cup – G cup.


For this evening collection, Lucie Jane drew inspiration from the Irish coastline, with its hard structured cliffs and smooth flowing waves. Her models range from a size 6, to a size 16, to illustrate her skill and love of designing for real women and real bodies. Lucie Jane took direction from her target market: their bodies and their lives, to create a varied collection, giving a range of options for her clients, to match their broad interests.