Khampasith Davison


Khampasith was born in Laos and raised in Minnesota. She has been in multiple fashion shows in the Twin Cities including Vitaminwater Uncapped Live and Boston Scientific Hearts for Fashion. Together with a team of designers and engineers, Khampasith designed an everyday stylist bag with solar panel technology that combines innovation and functional fashion. Khampasith’s collaborative design for wearable electronic placements also traveled to Houston, TX to be presented at NASA. Khampasith aims at creating garments that reflect the beauty, elegance, sophistication, and most importantly, the confidence of a woman. With consciousness of new trends, her design aesthetic combines a mixture of classic silhouettes with modern elegance and sophistication.


Khampasith’s senior line focuses on a bridal party inspired by organic forms and the lavishness of artwork, architecture, and interior decorations of the Baroque period. Each garment displays luxury with ornamentations, luxe fabrics and metallic hues, and an added element of drama.