Kaila Bibeau


From youth, Kaila loved to create and innovate. Although engineering was her primary vocation, she realized a profession in design would grant self-fulfillment. Never idle, Kaila always took the road most daring, and fell in love with the challenges of design. After landing her dream internship at NASA, where she could combine her love of engineering and passion for design, Kaila began to suspect that life truly was a fairytale. This in turn inspired her to bring to life a storybook ending to her career at the University of Minnesota.


Once upon a time, a Princess named Kaila Bibeau imparted on a journey to give everyone their fairytale beginnings. Inspired by the princess-like quality, elegance and sophistication of true couture artisanship; this collection echoes the elaborate adornment of couture dress. Accentuating traditional ideals of feminine beauty, these pieces are intended for those that possess confidence and a spirit for adventure.


Email: bibe0031@umn.edu