Grace Lorig


Grace Lorig's designs are meant to inspire people to go outdoors and be active. Her area of interest lies mostly in activewear. Sustainability is very important to her. In the past she has interned for local design companies, Foat Designs and Universal Pant & White Yoga, both of which make yoga wear and up-cycled garments. She has researched yoga and the traditional attire in India.


With her combined passion and respect for the outdoors, being physically active, and design, Grace Lorig traveled to India and created an Eastern inspired line for those who live a yogic lifestyle. Stepping away from the tight-fitting stretch material we see in western activewear, this line is refreshingly loose fitting and expressive. In an attempt to break the gender barriers in fashion, this line aims to have a feeling of androgyny. To minimize environmental impact her line is made almost entirely out of recycled garments.