Ellie Hottinger


From studying at Accademia Italiana Fashion Institute in Italy, to interning at Alice + Olivia in New York, fashion has taken Ellie across the globe. Grateful for the different perspectives these experiences have given her, and the influence they’ve had on her aesthetic outlook, Ellie relishes the opportunity to create original pieces that speak to her audience. Drawing inspiration from all facets, her passion to create through transformation is the the driving force behind Ellie’s designs. Locally, Ellie has had the honor of interning with designer, Tara LaTour, and has been featured in several shows including “Twelve”, “Scrubbed into Fashion”, “Distortion”, and “The Red Dress Gala”.


Ellie’s collection is inspired by the concept of “Wabi Sabi”, embracing imperfect beauty and an impermanent state of being, illustrated through her hand painted garments and applications of unique, textural treatments. Her timeless silhouettes and special attention to textiles give women a memorable feeling of “everyday couture”.


Email: hott0023@umn.edu