Claire Ward


Growing up in South Minneapolis, Claire Ward has always been exposed to a wide range of variety and diversity, which has greatly influenced her as an artist. Since she was old enough to hold a pencil, she has loved to draw, a passion that eventually morphed into an interest in fashion design. She recently studied abroad in Florence, Italy for a semester, from which she gathered incredible artistic inspiration. She also recently showed a three- piece mini collection in Minneapolis/St. Paul’s Emerging Designer Showcase.


Claire’s design aesthetic can best be described as tongue- in- cheek, with an appreciation for the unconventional . Her line is inspired by the idea of “kitsch”, and challenges traditional ideas of sophistication and elegance that are so prevalent in the fashion world. She has mixed “gaudy” materials such as vinyl, plastic beading, and plastic gimp with linear silhouettes and intricate embellishment to bring her concept to life.