Anna Louise Sviben


Anna Louise Sviben is a designer with a background in the arts, particularly printmaking and black and white photography. She values design that showcases quality, durability and small detail and often takes inspiration from mid-century styles. A small business enthusiast, she has interned with several local businesses, including Lula Vintage Wear in St. Paul and Rectangle Designs in Minneapolis. Currently, she works with Trash Messenger Bags in Minneapolis.


Inspired by depression-era patchwork and utilitarian thrift, the collection pays tribute to hard boundaries and minimal, geometric forms. Designed with wearability in mind, the garments have a Midwestern sensibility, defined by their unassuming materials and contrasting patterns, prints and textures. Composed almost entirely of vintage yardage, secondhand garments, and accumulated remnants, the collection stands as an alternative to an unrestrained, throwaway society.